• Jemma

ACNE... a complicated confidence ruiner

The majority of the population will at some point have to deal with the dreaded pimple but what do you do when the struggle for clear skin is constant and you feel like it will never end?

First you need to understand why it happens and what steps you can take to help each cause one by one.

Excess oil production - usually caused by those pesky hormones which is why a lot of woman find an increase in breakouts between ovulation and 'that time of the month' and why teenage boys seem to suffer so badly. A raise in testosterone leads to a spike in oil production so using Retinoids are perfect for regulating your oil production.

Inflammation - Acne is characterised by a chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit which consists of the hair shaft and sebaceous (oil) glands so using a product containing Anti-inflammatory properties is a must. Ingredients such as Nicinamide (B3) not only calm inflammation but they also serve to rebuild the natural skin barrier to protect your skin from irritants.

Salicylic Acid - has bactericidal properties to reduce the spread of p-acne bacteria responsible for the spread of acne.

Lactic Acid - breaks down the "glue" that holds the dead skin together trapping the oil and dirt inside your pores to become acne

TREATMENTS include IPL Photorejuvination for acne to kill the p-acne bacteria and chemical peels to assist in regulating oil production and minimising acne scarring and textural irregularies.