• Jemma

MILIA... what are they and why can't I pop them?

Milia are the stubborn superficial white spots that are commonly seen on babies and referred to as milk spots, but what causes them in adults?

The most common cause for Milia in adults is dead skin (keratin) becoming trapped inside the pores which then becomes a small cyst if not cleared properly.

When found around the eyes this can mostly be caused by the use of rich eye creams which are not absorbing adequately and building up.

How can you get rid of these pesky little bumps? First of all DO NOT SQUEEZE! All this will do is damage your skin and potentially leave you with scarring (and it will not get rid of it)

First of all get your aesthetician or dermal therapist to remove them using specific tools and processes then prevent any new ones coming up by ensuring you are using a cleanser containing Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids and a light eye cream/ serum.