• Jemma

Why Vitamin B is your new best friend

Vitamin B otherwise known as Niacinamide has a multitude of skin benefits that are long tried and tested over the years and are well documented for the ability to stimulate epidermal barrier lipids and as a potent anti-inflammatory to combat sensitised skin including Rosacea and facial dermatitis in addition to its inhibition of transfer of Melanocytes (cells responsible for pigmentation) and its anti-aging effects by increasing production of collagen and fighting free radicals with its anti-oxidant effects.

Lastly it is fantastic for acne prone skin by inhibiting oil production and again for its anti-inflammatory effects.

If you stock your bathroom cupboard with one serum in your regime ensure it contains this incredible all rounder!

Our Oil Control Hydrator, Brightening and Clearer Skin Serum all contain this powerful Vitamin.